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We are offering complete solution for Amazon (USA, UK, CA, EUROPE, JP, UAE, IND) & eBay sellers either need to get APPROVED for restricted categories, brand names, ASIN or selling account Reinstate an Amazon or eBay seller account.

Our Experience

We wrote our first appeal in 2014 and have prepared 750,000 words since then. Today, we’re built upon years of experience working with 1000’s of Amazon Sellers, Marketplaces, Lawyers and Amazonians. We are proud to let you know that our success rate is 100% because we only take those accounts which can be rescued. 


“I just wanted to give you a quick shout out to let you know how happy with have been with Brad’s work. He has been diligent and very professional in his approach to our inauthentic claims. He took it to a whole new level. Thanks for your help. Your reputation is warranted.” 

Dan W.

“I’ve heard of your service many times, but I’ve never used it myself until now. Really appreciate the quality of your service.” 

Erica W.

“I was taken by surprise when I received several negative feedbacks in a few days. Not only did my metrics plummet, I was forbidden to sell – right before 4th Quarter. In just a few days I was able to get my seller metrics back up to a point where Amazon reversed its decision and allowed me to sell again. If they hadn’t helped me, I would have missed out on the most critical selling time of the year. Thank you eGrowth Partners!” 

Barry B.
  • Efficient

  • We have the greatest resources available to fix your account.

  • Speak with our friendly staff to find a package that best fits you.

  • Take your selling to the next level


We have the greatest resources available to fix your account.


Speak with our friendly staff to find a package that best fits you.


Take your selling to the next level

What We Do?

Ungating was never easy before as like now. Providing full document supports like invoices, authorization letters, COA, FDA, GMP. Ungate DVD, Topical or even major brand names like Apple (2019), Samsung, Kate Spade and more. Reinstating accounts is our another strongest skill and in past two years we have 100% success rate on reinstating accounts for Amazon and eBay marketplaces. 

Our Services

Reinstate Amazon Account

We specialize in working with Amazon and contacting the correct department to deal with each case. If your Amazon account is suspended have a chat with us and we will chose a package that fits your type of suspension to be able to fix it. 

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Reinstate eBay Account

We reinstate eBay sellers and buyers account that have been placed on Hold, Suspended or indefinite suspension. Have a chat with us and ask us any questions you may have. 

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ASIN Ungating Service

Despite having approval for a specific category, Sellers may not be able to list certain ASIN’s. Get the approval for those restricted ASIN’s. 

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Brand Name Approval

This service is available for major brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Samsung and more. Please get in touch to know more about the brand name approval. 

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Paypal Resolutions

We understand resolving Paypal Disputes can be quite a very difficult process and not to mention time consuming. Our team of specialist have been taking the stress off of online sellers shoulders for a multitude of years and are ready to help you too!!!

We help with the following:

-Withheld Funds

-PayPal Account Limitations


-PayPal Account Freeze

-Paypal Chargebacks

Paypal Dispute Resolution


eBay Stealth Account

Use our stealth accounts to get you back to selling with a complete guide on how to operate your account so that you can get back to building up sales!!!


Amazon Stealth Account

Want to get straight into making sells on an Amazon Seller Account? Our Amazon accounts include the following:

- Positive Feedback

-6 month warranty

-Free account replacement if anything were to happen


Raise Your Selling Limits!!!

Have our agents increase your eBay stores selling power by raising your limits up.

Limit raises:

-25k selling limits

-500k selling limits

-1M selling limit


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We Reinstate Accounts With Guarantee. Reinstating accounts since 2017, 100% Success Rate. Specialized on reinstating for the type of Hold, Restriction, Suspension and even for Indefinite Suspension.

eBay Reinstatement

Category Approval 100% Guaranteed

Need help? Get in touch to solve account issues and keep your sells going.

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