Our team are experts in the inner workings of Amazon & eBay. We know what needs to be done to get your account reinstated. How do we know that? We worked inside the Company, in Seller Performance and Executive Seller relations, assessing appeals from sellers like you and deciding whether to reinstate their accounts or not.

We are fully prepared to handle your case and recommend what’s best for you. Get to know more about us and find out why we are one step ahead of other sellers consulting services.

We started Amazon Sellers after our own Amazon Seller Account had been wrongfully suspended.  We know how to write winning Amazon appeals and plans of action and now offer our expertise to you.
We are supervised by Amazon attorneys, but give you a competitive, low price on a custom-tailored Amazon appeal POA with the added bonus that our Amazon Seller Lawyers craft and edit your Plan.  With unlimited revisions, escalations, and 24 hour Seller Support, you get more than you can get from any other Amazon Reinstatement Service.  
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